Anth and The Hole

by admin on January 29, 2010

This is another clip that I think captures much of the essence of our trip to Zithulele. It shows the passion, the joy and the frustration, all rolled into one. I think that Anth’s experience with the hole can be extended to much of the work being done in the area. And his enthusiasm in spite of this frustration is also mirrored by all the people we met.

I must just add that I totally respect the work these guys did for a couple of days. Not glamorous, but absolutely critical. It will provide basic sanitation for the residents for many years to come. A real contribution.

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A long day for Andy D.

January 26, 2010

I have started working through the video footage we captured during our time in Zithulele. I think it is going to be a while before I am able to make a real movie, but I thought you might all like to get a glimpse of what it was like for me during the building project. […]

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Photos online

January 22, 2010

Hey, all. It has been a pretty hectic time back in Cape Town, and I have just managed to get around to posting a collection of photos on the web. Check them out here. I think it is quite a good selection of photos, showing the work, the surroundings, the social time, and the locals. […]

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This is it

December 30, 2009

Well, it’s all happening. The team assembled over the weekend, and work is moving along nicely. We have been fortunate to have a small building become available for most of our stay, so we are living in relative luxury (we have running water, and a solid roof over our heads). Early in our stay, we […]

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Final Preparations…

December 18, 2009

This time next week, the first of our international volunteers arrive in the country, and we should have the full team assembled within a couple of days after that (we’re hoping the threatened strikes in the UK won’t effect our London contingent). Huge thanks to everyone who has been getting involved in the fundraising. We […]

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80 / 80 Vision

December 8, 2009

In order to complete the building of the new accommodation out at Zithulele, we are going to need some help with funding for the building materials. The volunteers have made some very generous contributions, and there have been other donations, but we are still short on covering the costs of the renovation. (Just to be […]

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News from Zithulele

December 8, 2009

I recently received the November issue of the Jabulani Rural Health Foundation newsletter, and really enjoyed reading about the various projects and activities going on in the community around the hospital. I thought the rest of you might enjoy seeing what they are all up to. Quite a few cool stories jammed into a short […]

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Anth and Karen give a damn

November 29, 2009

I had the good fortune to meet Anth while living in London back in 2003. It’s been a few years since I last saw him, but we have remained in contact. Last week, I found this in my inbox: “If one was interested in giving a damn, and one’s wife was agreeable to the idea, […]

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We’re shipping it

November 4, 2009

A few weeks ago, Cath sent me this link to a video of a Seth Godin lecture. In the lecture he discusses the difference between having an idea and talking about something, and actually doing something about it. It is this tension that I have been wrangling for the last few years, in both my […]

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Cath Duncan gives a damn

November 3, 2009

I am excited to introduce another wonderful team member. Cath Duncan (my wife of ten years) brings an amazing energy to any project she engages. Cath’s talents range from a masterful command of colours and shapes, to a depth of insight and understanding that makes every day a transformational experience. I gave her the stock […]

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