80 / 80 Vision

by admin on December 8, 2009

In order to complete the building of the new accommodation out at Zithulele, we are going to need some help with funding for the building materials. The volunteers have made some very generous contributions, and there have been other donations, but we are still short on covering the costs of the renovation. (Just to be quite clear, all the costs of travel, accommodation, etc. for the volunteers is going to be covered separately, by the volunteers.)

80 / 80 Vision
If we can generate enough interest in just 80 people, for them to contribute £80 in this project, we will be very close to the fund-raising target (if you would like to contribute more or less than £80, that is great, too. I am simply using this as an illustration of how the cash adds up when a few people work together). And we have made it really easy for people to contribute, using a wonderful online fund-raising system, called givengain.

There are two main ways you can be involved in helping us achieve this goal.

Simply visit ‘Old Clinic Renovation With igiveada.mn‘ and click ‘Donate to this Project’. It will take you through a very simple process, and you will be one of the wonderful people helping to make this happen.

This is a picture of me and all my friends contributing.second

Become a Fundraiser
What would be even more awesome than sending us a contribution, would be for you to engage your family, friends and colleagues, and encourage them to contribute, too. Simply visit ‘Old Clinic Renovation With igiveada.mn‘ and click ‘Fundraise for this Project’. In this easy process, you can set a target for your own small fundraising campaign, send the details to all your friends, and then monitor their contributions and comments on a dedicated web page.

This is a picture of me and a few friends who have become fundraisers. Looks better, doesn’t it?third

So, let’s work together to see how quickly we can achieve the 80 / 80 Vision.

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