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by admin on December 30, 2009

Well, it’s all happening. The team assembled over the weekend, and work is moving along nicely. We have been fortunate to have a small building become available for most of our stay, so we are living in relative luxury (we have running water, and a solid roof over our heads).

Early in our stay, we received a warm welcome and introduction to the area. We had a safety meeting on site. And we handed out team t-shirts to the whole gang.

On Monday, Teak helped Pete complete the roofing. Anth and Jamie cleared a large part of the back yard, removing large inkberry plants, roots and all. Kaz and Cath started working on sanding and varnishing the window frames.

On Tuesday, the varnishing was completed, and we started putting the glass into the windows. The timber for the cupboards arrived (so that can happen in a few days). And we started on the wall lining in the one kitchen.

On Wednesday morning, a team started on installing ceiling in the bedrooms, and others continued on the kitchen walls. Almost all the glass is in, and the other kitchen has been prepared for the wall lining. There is much more work to be done. The next couple of days should see the floors being tiled, and the windows completed. After that we can install the kitchens and the bathrooms.

Our meals are prepared for us, so when we leave the building site, we are off duty. We shower, grab a cold drink, and meet around the dinner table. Then we chat until people feel like going to bed (which seems to be getting earlier every night. I think we’re getting tired).

I’ll keep you posted.

(a few photos)

Anth in the garden

Jamie taking out the Inkberry

Cath preparing the windows

Teak on the roof

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