Let’s Build

Beautiful coastlineI’m Andy D. (a little about me). Over the last few months I have been speaking to many of you about something that’s been on my mind. All the informal discussions have been building the vision, helping me to form more of an idea of what we are about. But it is time to put the basic details down, and invite you all to get involved.

This basic project structure is intended to provide a framework for you to adapt, enabling you to make whatever contribution you feel you are most ready to make. I hope that you will get in touch to say that you will make our project more awesome in your own way, by coming along and making something happen.

We are building on South Africa’s Wild Coast (exact location), taking 2 weeks (dates) to be in a remote part of the country. We will be building a small house (more about the actual building) near a hospital that serves this rural community (more about that). This accommodation will be used by visitors to the area, enabling more work to be done by doctors, teachers, engineers and researchers, etc. The trip is intended to be entirely self-funded (more about that).

Don’t hesitate to get involved. Everyone is welcome (disclaimer and ideas)! Please get in touch to let us know how you will be fulfilling your destiny by serving on our team.

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